We are Grip Films. 

Grip Films is a full service video production company based in Toronto. Since 2015, we have been using our unique creative to deliver carefully crafted video projects for our clients. Specializing in brand films and social media content, we utilize video, animation, and VFX to create fresh and engaging video.

Brand Films 

We have always loved the storytelling ability film has. It’s what drew us to film as a medium. Being able to create art that can connect with people on so many different levels, the way film does, is truly special. We want to use our craft to help tell your story. We work with brands to bring their core philosophies to life through film; to connect audiences with brands on a deeper level.

Social Media Series 

Social media content is fun, engaging, and consistent. Our philosophy is to create social content as a series to keep audiences engaged with your brand over time. We work with companies to create brand consistent bite sized video.

Corporate Video 

We have worked with dozens of companies to deliver clean, professional and on brand corporate video content. We strive to create the high quality and effective video content to connect companies of all sizes to their audiences. We take care of every aspect of production, from concept and script writing to motion graphics and colour correction. We’ve worked on a plethora of projects including commercials, promotional videos, event highlights, explainers, interviews and crowdfunding videos.